Our Collection of Fabrics

Remnant Cottons

Vertical Stripes:

features a white background, navy pinstripes and larger stripes in a peachy cream


Spring Green:

Features a bright spring green background overlaid with small white flowers on vines

Polka Dots:

Features a pure white background with tiny mint blue polka dots

Pink Florals:

Features black background overlaid with vibrant flowers in various shades of pink and orange foliage


Features an almost cubism style pattern in browns, greys, blacks and whites


Featuring impressionist style flowers and foliage in pastel shades of pink, orange, yellow, blue and green with a layer of tiny white dots over the entire fabric



Features beautiful soft peaches, blues and greens layered over one another in an abstract style



Features a white background overlaid with illustrations of seashells, seahorses and starfish along with their scientific names in curling black script

Red Diamonds:

Features a repeated diamond pattern in red, navy, white and yellow with small flowers inside each diamond. Predominantly red and white.

Red Flowers:

Features a creamy white background with tiny crimson flowers dotted all over


Features a shroom coloured background overlaid with rough black outlines of flowers in yellow, red, brown, white and mint

Mint Spots:

Features a cool white background covered in a mosaic of tiny mint shards and mint spots in various sizes 

Navy Squares:

Features a watercolour style dark navy background with small yellow squares scattered over the top


Features a lilac background with a pattern of red, white and black squares and circles printed over the top

Navy & White:

Features a dark navy background with diagonal dashed lines printed in white over the top. Fabric is quite see through

Blue Rose:

Features a vibrant blue background overlaid with light blue vines and foliage and an occasional bright red leaf

Blue Diamond:

Features a repeated diamond pattern in blue, red, white and yellow with small flowers inside each diamond. Predominantly bright blue and white


features bold pinks and oranges overlaid with the outlines of various flowers