Our Story

From Found is a not-for-profit fashion social enterprise that encompasses style and quality with ethics and sustainability. We are for the trendsetters and groovers who move ahead of the fashion game with conscious steps.

Made in Adelaide, each piece is crafted by women from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds. We use ‘found’ fabrics, including reclaimed, recycled and recovered textiles, to ensure our unique colour-popping creations take a stand against the environmental and ethical issues that result from fast fashion. Stand out and stand up for what you believe in with our one-off pieces.

Join the fashion revolution.

Our mission:

To bring creative, ethical and sustainable clothing to the mainstream fashion market through the employment of refugee and asylum seeker women.

Our vision:

To see refugee and asylum seeker women empowered with skills and training, transition into the mainstream workforce in Australia and to educate and inspire consumers to choose sustainable and ethical fashion.