Our Values

For Women

Women make up half the population of the world, which means half of all the gifts, talents and knowledge belong to us. While every woman has something to offer, not all women are given the same opportunities. In every area of our organisation, From Found is for the empowerment and recognition of all women. We employ and train women from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds with diverse skills and abilities, including sewing and creativity. Our aim is to see these women be given the opportunity to use their strengths and, empowered with further skills and training, transition into the mainstream workforce in Australia.

Ethical and Sustainable Production

All our clothing is ethically made in Adelaide. We use ‘found’ fabrics, including reclaimed, recycled and recovered textiles, to ensure our designs take a stand against the environmental and ethical issues that result from fast fashion.

Creative and Quality Design

By using 'found' fabrics, we are able to create colour-popping designs that are unique. Each piece is crafted with mismatched fabrics to make it completely one-of-a-kind. We ensure that each piece is the product of quality craftsmanship that is made to last and support the slow fashion movement.